Attorney General Sues Wizard of Claws for Fraud

CNN's "Paula Zahn Now" Investigates Wizard of Claws (also called Celebrity Kennels)

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If you are looking to buy a puppy, BEWARE of Wizard of Claws.  They also use the names, Puppies For Sale By Net, Holiday Plaza Puppies, Celebrity Kennels, Dog Breeder Kennel & Top Puppies.  While they state that they are not a pet store and are a "kennel", they are, in fact, a pet store.  They are located in the Holiday Plaza strip mall in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  Their address is 9113 Taft Street and have been known to advertise in The Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, Next Day Pets & Puppy Find.  They purchase their puppies from brokers and commercial breeders (commonly referred to as puppy mills).  Their puppies come from the same brokers and commercial breeders other pet stores get their puppies from.  Wizard of Claws, Inc. is known to buy at least some of their puppies from The Hunte Corporation, the largest puppy broker in the United States.  In fact, Wizard of Claws' Limited Liability Guarantee is copied from Hunte's guarantee. Wizard of Claws also purchase a majority of their puppies through the online puppy broker , where pet stores place bids on puppies from commercial breeders and brokers.  The puppy is sold to the highest bidder. 

In 2002, the USDA charged James Anderson and Wizard of Cl'oz with violations of the Animal Welfare Act in numerous areas including recordkeeping and veterinary care.  In 2003, they were found guilty of the charges by reason of default. . 
This is the third time James Anderson was charged with violating the Animal Welfare Act under three different business names.  The name of the business has since changed to Wizard of Claws, Inc. James Anderson (DC# L34318) is also a convicted felon and was released from prison in 2001. . Therefore, Wizard of Claws is legally owned by James' wife, Gilda Perez Anderson and James (aka Jim) serves as a "consultant". 
When using their online chat, Wizard of Claws knowingly misrepresented the health some of their puppies which were already diagnosed with congenital defects. The puppies in question were purchased with known congenital defects such as luxating patellas or heart murmurs.  When I specifically asked about these puppies, they repeated several times that each of these puppies were 100% healthy (several different occasions). When I asked them about these known conditions, they immediately ended the chat.  They also misrepresented or lied about the estimated size of the puppy as an adult.  I was told that one of their "teacup" pug puppies was only going to be 6-8 pounds as an adult, when the breeder listed the parents as weighing 17 & 22 pounds each on . Since they do not guarantee the size of the puppy, there is nothing the buyer can do after the puppy is purchased.  They also lied about where some of their puppies had come from, who the breeder was and other information about the puppies' parents.  Anytime I asked about a puppy that I knew came from the State of Missouri, I was told it came from a completely different State.  If a puppy comes from a broker (like Hunte), they receive no information about the puppies' parents, except for what is listed on the pedigree.  Most of their puppies do come from Missouri, which is sometimes referred to as the puppy mill capital of the United States.  Wizard of Claws no longer uses their online chat.

Many of their puppies are not registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  AKC started suspending many commercial breeders due to not being in compliance with AKC standards and, many times, for violating animal welfare laws.  Since then, other "pet registries" have been formed. If you purchased a Wizard of Claws' puppy and it is not AKC registered, call the AKC and ask them if the breeder of your puppy has been suspended with them.  I was told that one of their puppies was not AKC registered because the AKC was too expensive.  However, the breeder was in fact suspended with the AKC, so the puppy was ineligible for AKC registration.

If you or someone else has been a victim of Wizard of Claws, go to the Where to File A Complaint page to see a complete list of places to file a complaint against Wizard of Claws.

Wizard of Claws is no longer a member of the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB did confirmed that their membership was pulled due to the government actions taken against them. 
Wizard of Claws’ Better Business Bureau Report